2017 Speakers

Monday Keynote: Inclusion by Design: The Voices of Our Communities, Our Organizations, and You

Presented by: Candi Castleberry Singleton, Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity, Twitter and Founder, Dignity & Respect Inc.

The “Inclusion by Design” keynote is built on the foundation that we all want to be treated with dignity and respect. It begins with a core belief that our daily interactions with others matter. With dignity and respect as a foundation, together, we can build more inclusive communities and organizations.
This keynote will is designed to help us:
– Understand how we see ourselves and how our filters guide our behavior in our communities and organizations.
– Build trust between leaders, managers, peers, customers, and the communities you serve.
– Understand our role in making our organization a better place for ALL to work—with ALL of our differences.

Tuesday Keynote: Imagine the Power and Potency of Social Capital

Presented by: Dr. Al Condeluci, CEO, CLASS

All of us are interested in a better community where all people have an opportunity for accessible and affordable homes, jobs or meaningful daytime opportunities and lifestyles of their choice. In spite of our many years of work, the outcomes in this area are still not satisfactory for people who are vulnerable due to disability or other compromises. Many of these vulnerable people and their families find themselves in isolated situations with limited options for friendships and important social relationships. This presentation takes a close look at the reasons why our systems have not been more successful, defines and delineates the concept of social capital, and offers a community building perspective designed to shift the culture to be more inclusive and supportive to all people.

Tuesday Afternoon Keynote

Presented by: Frances Kunreuther, Co-Director, Building Movement Project

Join Frances Kunreuther, Co-Director at the Building Movement Project on Tuesday afternoon for the final keynote. This new report, the first in the Race to Lead series, is based on a survey by the Building Movement Project of nonprofit professionals. The report explores why People of Color are still under-represented in nonprofit CEO/Executive Director positions. Over 4,000 respondents answered questions about their current nonprofit job, interest in leading a nonprofit, training/supports, views of leadership, and personal background. Learn about People of Color and white respondents’ background, aspirations to be leaders, training, and attitudes towards leadership. Feel free to download the report or executive summary here.